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You’ve met the Fizzy Bobs, some of the Fizzy tenants.. Now meet the Fizzy Handyman!

One of the ways which Fizzy delivers an exceptional service is by having a dedicated handyman who, together with the Bobs, make sure that each flat is well maintained and Fizzy ready! Whether changing light bulbs, fixing windows and doors or painting a whole flat, no job is too big for him. In this blog, we ask Paulo what it is like being the Fizzy Handyman.

How long have you been Fizzy’s handyman?

I’ve been a Fizzy handyman for about 4 months but I have been doing this professionally since I was 19. At the age of 14, I started training with my father whom I learnt my skills from.

Explain your typical day at a Fizzy building

My day starts really early in the morning. One of the key parts to the job is making sure the Fizzy flats are delivered to a high standard for the new tenants once previous tenants have moved out. This will involve painting the flat, checking all appliances and fittings, and fixing any minor repairs. It is part of my job to make sure every flat is Fizzy ready! I’ll also help the Bobs maintain the communal areas which might mean moving or installing furniture and repainting the walls.




What do you like the most about being a Fizzy handyman?

It’s really good to work in flats and in buildings where the standards are very high. I focus on quality rather than rushing my work which means I don’t have to keep coming back to the same flat to deal with the same issue. I’m always on the move in between Fizzy sites which I like as it means no one day is the same and I also get see the different Bobs every day. I really enjoy working with the Bobs; they’re all really friendly and helpful. Fizzy is a great team to work for.



Do you have any tips for our tenants that would help them less susceptible to damage in the flats?
Airing your flats everyday just for couple of hours would really help with keeping mould at bay. It is also good practice to wipe down the bathroom and kitchen surfaces to maintain them, and also using limescale removals once in a while to help maintain the appliances like washing machine and dishwashers. High heels damage the floor especially if it’s laminate flooring. I would suggest wearing slippers while inside the flat.

If you could live in any Fizzy block, which one would you choose and why?

Canning Town 01

I would choose to live in Fizzy Canning Town. I love the views and as it is the tallest building that we have, tenants have the benefit of having some amazing views of London. The location is also very appealing to me being less than 15 minutes to central London.

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