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Fizzy joins forces with “doga” creator to promote pet-friendly renting 

Last week on our sunny Fizzy Lewisham roof terrace we were joined by the creator of doga, Mahny Djahanguiri, and her pup Robbie - a rescue Maltese terrier. The duo led a class of 10 dogs and their human companions in an evening of sun salutations while enjoying the views from the 15th floor of one of our most pet populated developments, where 52% of residents have a pet. Afterwards, human participants were offered smoothies, prosecco and snacks, while dogs were given ‘pawsecco’ and goody bags of toys and treats to take home.

Sophie Lau, our head of sales and marketing, said “With this fun event we wanted to celebrate the positive role animals play in our lives. Finding somewhere to rent with a pet can be tough and we hope that by hosting this event, other landlords will follow in our footsteps by allowing lets to responsible pet owners. The evening was enormous fun – I never thought I would be doing tree poses from our roof terrace with my dog Milo”.

Instructor Mahny, said “Doga is a yoga practice that helps support the natural bond we have with our dog. You don’t need to be good at doga or even good at yoga! There’s no such thing as perfection, anything goes. Most of all, doga is fun!”

Fizzy was recently named London’s most pet-friendly landlord by Timeout magazine as we welcome all manner of animal companions at six of our seven developments across London. In fact, one in four Fizzy tenants across our 700 homes owns a pet.

“I like the fact Fizzy is a pet-friendly landlord, it was one of the first things that attracted me to rent here. I’ve rented from other landlords in various London locations but I have to say this is the first one that makes my living in the city truly comfortable!” - Fizzy Poplar Resident.

Fizzy promotes pet-positivity by creating a strong sense of community. We host regular ‘Yappy Hour’ events at all our pet-friendly sites, which bring dogs and their owners together for social evenings. Each pet moving in with Fizzy receives a welcome pack filled with pet essentials, toys and treats (to complement the welcome pack their human receives). We also have dedicated pet stations in our building lobbies which are equipped with useful bits like doggy bags, paw wipes and a water bowl. All these little gestures are there to make living at Fizzy as easy and enjoyable as possible for pet owners.

According to a survey by The Dogs Trust, 78% of pet owners have had trouble finding rental accommodation that accepts pets. This issue is particularly acute in London, where a high deposit or outright ban for pet-owning tenants is commonplace, so we are proud to be ahead of the curve in welcoming animals of all sorts (subject to vetting process) into our buildings.

“Fizzy has offered us the chance to raise a puppy, something we have wanted to do for a while but it is so rare to find pet friendly landlords in London” - Fizzy Lewisham Tenant.

Don’t forget, Fizzy cater to all kinds of renters! Whether you own a pet or not, or even have cat allergies, our buildings also have pet free floors for our renters who don’t come with an animal companion to ensure that all everyone is happy and in the perfect flat for them.

Please visit our website to find out more information on Fizzy’s pet policies and how Fizzy can provide you with unparalleled renting experience for you and your pooch! 

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