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Stylist came to stay for the night and here’s what they had to say…

We recently had the pleasure of hosting journalist Emma Ledger, from the UK’s number one magazine for women, Stylist, so she could experience one of London’s most popular rental properties (ours!).

Emma joined us at Fizzy Lewisham to see what we have to offer renters, chat to some of the residents and get the full Fizzy experience. The article highlights the growing appeal of renting and explains why so many people are making the move to Fizzy.

“For too long, generation rent has put up with sub-standard conditions because there was no alternative. But thanks to a new-found appetite for sharing and collaboration, there is an alternative and progressive way of renting.”

Emma describes how companies such as Fizzy and our rental model are helping combat the growing loneliness epidemic throughout London. Recently the charity group ACEVO found that 83% of 18-34-year-olds are ‘often, always or sometimes lonely’ and those living in cities are less likely to know their neighbours.

Fizzy is doing something about this through changing the way people think about renting. We’re creating a space where people genuinely connect, whether that’s by having a chat on the terrace with your neighbour or even taking your dogs on a walk together. This sense of community is ‘serving our changing social and psychological needs’, where people are now more than ever, wanting to feel a part of a community and belong somewhere.

On this subject Emma said, “after spending one night at Fizzy Living, the idea of co-living started to seem more appealing. The fact that you really know your neighbours struck me as a lovely thing. And being able to have a dog makes it all the more tempting because so few London landlords accept pets.”

One of our residents Jess, moved into Fizzy Lewisham with her dog Alfie in April and the community atmosphere we have here at Fizzy has played a massive part in helping her feel happy and at home in London.

We go for walks and sometimes I’ll look after someone else’s dog. We have a Facebook group where we share things and plan events in the building, like doga [yoga with your dog]. I’m definitely happier living somewhere I feel a sense of community.” Jess, Lewisham resident.

What’s more, Emma was also impressed by our ‘no hassle’ scheme which allows residents to shed much of the stress that comes with regular renting: “…there are also no challenging landlords to deal with if something goes wrong. Instead, your on-site handyman will come and fix any issue at no extra cost.

All seven of Fizzy Living’s buildings have a dedicated property manager who is referred to as ‘Bob’, regardless of their gender. There are also no agents to deal with, no fees, no hefty deposits and Fizzy Living even pay your moving costs.”

Finishing off her stay with drinks on the Fizzy Lewisham rooftop garden, mingling with residents from all walks of life, Emma describes it as “a vision of inclusive and welcoming urban living that everyone will be proud to be a part of.”

Emma highlights the growing need for developments like Fizzy. We offer a solution to the growing issues such as expensive house prices, lonelier cities and more people dealing with unreliable landlords/rental homes. Fizzy has created a place where renters feel safe, connected and appreciated with a ‘world of contacts outside your door.’

A big thanks to Emma Ledger for coming to visit us, and if you like the sound of Fizzy’s community and want to learn about how you can become part of it, click here

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