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The Fizzy check-list for work-hard, play-hard renters

At Fizzy, we’re proud of the fact we welcome a broad variety of residents to our buildings: from graphic designers, to IT consultants, to investment bankers (we even have a part-time nurse, part-time House DJ who lives at our site at Stepney Green!). Yet, what brings all our customers together is the fact they’re professionals who like having a good time. 

With that in mind, here are the ‘Big 4’ Fizzy factors that you should consider when choosing your renty-something home to rent:

1. Location

For a Londoner, the commute is everything. It defines how much time you get to spend chilling after work and how early you need to get up every morning. Even for those joining the growing numbers of freelancers who get to spend certain days at home, the time it takes to get from one part of London to another has a big impact on your social life. That’s why at Fizzy we ensure that all our developments are no more than a 5 minute walk from the nearest tube station. Fizzy Lewisham is case-and-point: quite literally across the road from Lewisham DLR Station (which can get commuters into London Bridge in around 10 minutes), residents there can see the train coming as they walk out of the development’s front door and make the few short steps to the station’s ticket barrier.

Fizzy Canning Town is extremely well connected, just 5 minutes' walk from Zone 2's Canning Town station

But location is more than about transport, it’s about proximity to amenities too. The closer you are to a good supermarket, café or bakery, the less time you need to spend finding one and the more time you have to enjoy life. We select sites which are surrounded by local conveniences. At Fizzy Walthamstow, for instance, we are part of a strong local community with fantastic independent businesses, such as Wood St Coffee (amazing brunch spot) and Armstrong Audio (café and audio repairs shop), alongside a wealth of nearby supermarkets like the Co-Op, which is basically right next door.

2. Flexibility

No one likes being tied down. Not least those with hectic lives whose circumstances could change very quickly. While the average length of our tenancy, at 1.5 years, is above the London average, we still appreciate many of our customers like to add some variety to their lives. Our minimum tenancy is just six months long, going all the way up to three years. We also don’t saddle our customers with big deposit costs that tie them down. The end result is extremely pleasing for us at Fizzy. Yes, tenants opt to move – but most move between Fizzy schemes, rather than away from us. Next stop, West London and Fizzy Hayes!

As well as being a flexible landlord, Fizzy is also a very flexible living environment. We understand many of our tenants no longer work regular five-day-a-week, 9-to-5 office hours and that many work remotely in order to balance a career with other commitments. Our Fizzy Walthamstow scheme benefits from a large co-working space , 1GB broadband and complimentary refreshments, so our tenants can enjoy the connectivity of being in the office with the comfort of home.

3. Service

Life admin. Two dreaded words that often describe the domination of whole swathes of free time to mundane, but essential, tasks. The concept is particularly irritating for those in busy jobs who value their free time as means to self-improvement (e.g., jogging) or having fun (e.g., cinema after jogging). At Fizzy, we recognise that renting has typically tended to bring a whole extra layer of life admin. Not with us. Our distinctive and diligent property management service, known as the “BOB” system, means that at each Fizzy development, residents don’t just have a service that signs for post, but an integrated lifestyle service that takes care of repairs, maintenance, your check-in and your check-out.

But we don’t just stop there. Our BOB team goes that extra mile to keep our busy residents as happy and stress-free as possible, delivering welcome hampers to all new tenants, acting as a point of contact for those new to the area. Our teams have even been known to go out to Boots to collect Lemsip sachets for poorly residents! At Fizzy Hayes, we have a top-notch BOB team led by one of our most experienced staff members, Ha Doan. She’s determined to do residents’ rental life admin so they don’t have to.

4. Fun

At the end of a manic day, many of our residents just want to put work behind them and let their hair down. Fizzy understands this and offers its customers plenty of ways to have a good time. From our quarterly ‘block parties’, where all the residents in a development get together for an evening, to our pet-friendly ‘Yappy Hour’ events, hosted especially (but by no means exclusively) for our many pet-owing tenants, we work hard to create a vibrant community where everyone can take part.

Fizzy Hayes is no exception. With its garden roof terrace perfect for summertime BBQs and dedicated party room, we’ve done everything at Hayes to live up to the vibrant heritage of our site, the former home of EMI Music Studios, where the likes of the Beatles recorded their smash hit singles. All we need now is some resident rock stars who want somewhere that lets them get on with their career and have a fab time in the process.

Register your interest in our brand new available flats in Hayes here, or explore our available flats in all locations here.

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