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We are marking the return of ‘Pet of the Month’ by visiting a furry resident at the original Fizzy building – Fizzy Canning Town, which became officially pet-friendly last year.

Introducing Gandalf – this cute 2 years old pug moved to London with his parents a couple of years ago and found a home at Fizzy Stepney Green, where BOB Serina used to work. Serina is now BOB at Fizzy Canning Town, and Gandalf has followed her over – seeing Gandalf is Serina’s highlight of the day!

Fun Fact -

Gandalf has an unusual look for a pug. Parents Gus and Dianna decided to do a doggy DNA test to see what was going on and they found out he has some Pekingese in him. It explains his look and coat as pugs are normally short haired!

Snoozy Gandalf

Favourite treat-

Dentastix! These are Gandalf’s ultimate go-to treat. He often grabs one, and if his parents play with him with a different toy, he goes away to find another Dentastix 😅

Gandalf’s remarks on Canning Town -

‘I love Fizzy Canning Town! I get to play with my mate Serina every morning and afternoon on my way out for walkies. I love the Canning Town garden to stretch my legs, it is grassy and big- full of things for me to sniff and explore. It is also a great meeting spot for other doggos- I hope to meet a girlfriend here soon.’

Gandalf’s Parents talk Fizzy  -

‘We first heard about Fizzy through extensive property searching on Rightmove, while looking for pet friendly flats back in 2016 we found Fizzy Stepney Green. We then found Canning Town after talking with Serina our BOB from Stepney Green, she’s the best! We are happy in Canning town with the reason being Gandalf's first love, the awesome garden.’

Fizzy has pet-friendly flats for rent in seven locations across London. Get in touch with us to arrange a viewing for your next home with your pets!

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