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Stuck in the office? Flat hunting from abroad? Just don’t fancy going out?

Fizzy are happy to help with your flat search from your desk or sofa!

Our dedicated sales team are on site at each of the Fizzy locations every day and we can offer you a virtual viewing via Facetime or Skype. We’ll show you around the exact flat you enquired about, and as it’s still a 1 to 1 viewing, you have all the time to ask us any questions during the session.

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November 29, 2019 Tags:
Blog 5

New Year new me: Fantastic hobbies to start this year near your Fizzy Flat

‘New year new me’ – as the saying goes, January is the best time of the year to make changes. If you’re still searching for something new to start this...

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Blog 4

HomeViews’ Fizzy reviewers on renting at Walthamstow

HomeViews reviewers have shared their experiences why they love living at Fizzy Walthamstow and the hassle-free renting offered.

Hundreds of Fizzy residents have shared their insights of what it’s like to...

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