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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Fizzy Living

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time for our onsite property managers (affectionately known as Bobs) to start spreading some festive joy at all our Fizzy developments. Residents will already be aware of their dedicated Bobs and their reputation for going above and beyond. They are excellent at bringing the community together, making sure Fizzy is a happy place to live so that no tenant ever feels lonely, especially around this time of year. We spoke to Serina, one of our Canning Town Bobs, who has arranged a wonderful event for those unable to visit friends or family during the festive holidays and will be celebrating at Fizzy.

Hi Serina! We hear you’ve planned something special for your residents this Christmas, please tell us more.

My idea is to throw a Christmas Eve party! I know a lot of my tenants can’t spend Christmas with their family this year because their hometowns are too far away. It also costs a lot to travel this time of year. I’m from Australia so I understand the struggle, and I can’t go home this year either. So, I thought it would be nice to throw a Christmas party so we can all celebrate together - I expect around 20-35 residents will come along, and of course pets are welcome too!

 Why do you think it’s important for companies like Fizzy to organise these social events for residents?

I think it’s extremely important! It’s a way for all the residents to get to know each other and the other Fizzy members of staff. I think it makes everyone feel more comfortable walking around the communal areas and creates a good sense of community spirit. They can stop and say hi, have a chat and really get to know their neighbours. A lot of friendships have been formed at Fizzy Canning Town, often due to people meeting at a resident social event. These events are especially important during this time of the year, it is so nice for our residents to know that if they can’t get home at Christmas, they have a whole community of friends at Fizzy to spend time with.

What makes Fizzy’s community so special?

We truly care about our tenants; I know I do! I am always working to make everyone’s time here enjoyable and comfortable. London can be a very lonely place and the fact that we’re able to create our own Fizzy family is so special. It’s really rewarding for me, being able to see my tenants feel happy and safe.

 And finally, what else is happening at Fizzy during this festive time of the year?

We have our 12 days of Christmas promotion which is great! For the first 12 days of December we have been handing out fab gifts to a different resident each day. It’s been great giving out the gifts and putting a smile on our tenants’ faces!

Well done Serina, we think it’s a great idea!

Did you know 97% of our tenants would recommend Fizzy Living to their friends and family? If you’re interested in finding out more about living at one of our Fizzy developments, you can email us at or call our team on 020 8607 0555

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