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Pet Think Tank

Political Think Tank on a mission to encourage pet-friendly renting

A new organisation, run by pets and their owners, has published a report to challenge landlords to think differently about letting to people with a pet, and encourage more animal-friendly rentals in the UK. The Think Tank includes a mix of experts from across the housing and animal welfare sectors, including charities, vets, property experts, pet owners (and even pets themselves!)

 As “London's most pet-friendly rental company” (TimeOut), the team at Fizzy supports this new Think Tank and we wanted to share some of the findings from their report.

 The report found that…

 97% of pet owners consider their pet part of the family

  • 78% of pet owners surveyed say they struggled to find pet-friendly rentals, although 21% of pet owners admitted to having pets in their rented accommodation anyway, keeping their pets a secret from their landlords
  • 82% of people who don’t currently own a pet would like to and the reason over half of this group don’t own a pet is because their current rental agreement does not allow it
  • Only 7% of adverts on SpareRoom would consider pets, with this dropping to 5% in London

We are proud to say that Fizzy is amongst the 5%, with pets welcome at all our developments. We believe pets contribute to a happy home and happy homes make happy renters. There are well documented and compelling reasons for living with a companion animal. Animals, for example, have been found to alleviate feelings of loneliness. Pets also bring people together and that’s why at Fizzy we frequently have events centered around our furry friends (‘Yappy Hour’ is a highlight of our events programme, creating a chance for dogs and their owners to socialise over a glass of “pawsecco”).

 The report concludes with a sentiment we very much share at Fizzy – there’s no reason why tenants shouldn’t be able to live with pets, subject to certain relevant conditions and checks being in place.

 We want to say ‘well done’ to everyone involved in this report and making such a strong case for pet-friendly rentals.

January 24, 2019 Tags: Lets with pets
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