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2020 in Review

Here at Fizzy Living, it’s no secret that our dedicated on-site property managers, our Bobs, are the beating heart of each Fizzy site. Whilst 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, we wanted to take a look at it from their perspective, so we put some questions to them to find out the highs and the lows they’ve experienced during this extraordinary year. Here’s what they said.


What has been the highlight of 2020?


The beautiful sunny weather we had during the first lock down! On a personal note, 2020 was the year when I moved into my own home. It was an incredibly long, drawn-out process as I was renting privately, and my landlord made it very difficult for me to leave. It made me really appreciate the service that Fizzy offers its residents.


What have been the challenges you’ve faced in your role as a Bob this year?


Wearing face masks when talking to tenants or completing viewings. As a Bob it's been harder than ever to not be as face to face as we would normally like to be. A massive part of our role is being there for our residents when they need us and sometimes that is very difficult to do from behind a screen.


Have you found any unexpected silver linings to the circumstances we’ve experienced this year?


The money I have saved! Also, people have come together to support each other. It's so lovely seeing people running errands for people who were once strangers.


Has there been an aspect of your job that you really enjoy that you haven’t been able to fulfil this year?


Hosting the Fizzy resident parties!


How has your role and the community adapted to the ‘new normal’?


I have had a lot more telephone conversations this year, but we have all also got much better at communicating virtually, whether that be on group zoom calls or via the Fizzy app.


Have you felt an increase in community spirit?


Yes! One massive positive we have seen this year is residents coming together on the Fizzy app, from residents selling things to one another to offering to go shopping for those unable to leave their homes. In a time where so many are so far away from their friends and families, it's so important to have neighbours that you can call friends.


In your experience, has the Fizzy community had a positive impact on this experience for residents, and you, this year? Why?


Yes. I feel residents have really made the effort with the app this year and had the opportunity to bond a lot more. I have also had a lot more conversations with residents due to them being isolated and the lovely comments they have then given have been so unexpected and well received. Really makes it feel like more than just a job.


Our recent wellness programme was well received by the residents across all sites. How important are these events?


Very important, it's vital that residents still know that are still there for them even if we can't be there in person.


What has been your favourite community event Fizzy has hosted in your time as a Bob?

The ice cream and prosecco truck went down a treat and Doga (dog yoga) still gets a lot of mentions. The great summer party of 2019 was also a real highlight!


What are you looking forward to in 2021?


I am looking forward to getting back to some kind of normality. Where we can all work and socialise together once again. Where we can look forward to hosting our fantastic Fizzy events and bringing back the fun times that we have all missed this year. And going abroad!


With an unprecedented year behind us, we’re looking forward to 2021 with a sense of hope and gratitude. This year has proven we value community, friendship and kindness more than ever and has highlighted the goodwill and compassion of the Fizzy community. We look forward to our new Fizzy East 16 site launching in 2021 as well as hosting more events and welcoming even more residents to Fizzy.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from team Fizzy!

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