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Fizzy Dip February and March Winners are....

Congratulations to Ewelina and her young family from Lewisham who were February's Fizzy Dip winners!

Find a snippet of her review below 

You can read more Lewisham reviews on HomeViews

Our March winners were - Nassib and Romy from Fizzy Walthamstow - congratulations both! 

See their review below 

If you are looking for your new home then do head over to HomeViews to read more reviews of your prospective new place.

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Blog 22

May's Fizzy Dip winner is ...

Congratulations to David and Jena from Fizzy Hayes - You are May's Fizzy Dip winner and can enjoy one month free rent in June! Please read their review below: 

David and...

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Blog 11

Residents share their reviews on HomeViews on what it’s like living in Canning Town

Hundreds of Fizzy Living residents across each of our developments have been sharing their insights on what it is like to live here on HomeViews.  Thank you to each resident...

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