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Blog 15

Happy International Women's Day 2020

We hope you all men and women alike take a second to think about the great women who have gone before and surround us now, and of course also for those great women who raised amazing men also!

Fizzy is a leader in the Property  industry with a heavy female team (78%!). We reached out to the ladies in the team who came back with the following feelings on working with Fizzy.

F - Fun

I – Inspiring

Z - Zesty

Z - Zealed

Y - Youthful

W - Wonderful

O - Original

M - Magnificent

E – Empowering

N – Noble

Keep doing great stuff ladies :) 

March 08, 2020 Tags:

Fizzy Dip February and March Winners are....

Congratulations to Ewelina and her young family from Lewisham who were February's Fizzy Dip winners!

Find a snippet of her review below 

You can read more Lewisham reviews on HomeViews. 

Our March winners were...

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Blog 17

Tips for wellbeing while we’re in lockdown

With the country in lockdown, our residents now face the reality of weeks stuck indoors. The prospect of isolation for a prolonged period can seem a little scary and overwhelming...

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