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HomeViews’ Fizzy reviewers on renting at Walthamstow

HomeViews reviewers have shared their experiences why they love living at Fizzy Walthamstow and the hassle-free renting offered.

Hundreds of Fizzy residents have shared their insights of what it’s like to live and rent in a Fizzy Living development on HomeViews. We love reading the reviews from our residents. Amongst all the awards we received, we were thrilled that all seven of our developments were awarded a 2019 Management Award of Excellence. HomeViews have shared what the residents of Fizzy Walthamstow had to say about Fizzy Living and how having “friendly bobs on hand to help you out with any flat issues makes life so easy!” Verified resident, Fizzy Walthamstow on HomeViews.

Renting in London shouldn’t be a challenge. Hence this is why Fizzy Living is committed to delivering exceptional service, particularly with the management of their buildings. HomeViews review data has revealed that excellent management has one of the largest positive impacts on the experience of rental residents.

Bob the .. Building Manager

All of the Fizzy Living buildings have a “Bob”.  This is an on-site dedicated property manager to make sure residents enjoy a hassle-free tenancy. Their responsibilities on any day could include helping residents move in and out and responding to resident enquiries. In addition, they sort out repairs and maintenance, collecting and delivering residents’ parcels as well as organising any resident events. Fizzy Walthamstow has a Management Score of 4.41 out of 5 from over 90 resident reviews. Jason and Meena are the Walthamstow 'Bobs' who look after the site.

“We love the fact there are the ‘Bobs’ who look after us when we need it and they are there to collect our deliveries when we are out at work.” Hannah C, Verified Resident at Fizzy Walthamstow.

“We couldn’t feel more welcome, and more at ease, having the bobs handling everything from the smallest malfunction to delivering our parcels, to organizing various lovely events to bring the residents together and reiterate the sense of community.” Nassib M, Verified Resident at Fizzy Walthamstow.

Hassle-free renting in Walthamstow

Not only are there friendly ‘Bobs’ on site to help out with any issues a resident may have, Fizzy aims to take the stress out of renting. For example, there are flexible leases and no fees or agents. Similarly, there is a dedicated team designed to help you find your perfect Fizzy flat to rent in Walthamstow. Residents deal directly with the Fizzy Living team and their reviews showcase why they love this process.

“The staff were brilliant, answering all our questions and helping us through the reference process. Fizzy living genuinely feels like the way moving forward. It’s great to have that one person to talk to as and when you need something.” Martyn, Verified Resident at Fizzy Walthamstow

“From start to finish, moving in to our Fizzy flat has been a piece of cake! This is our first place together as a couple and we were very daunted at the prospect of flat viewings, security, and those pesky agent fees! Fizzy made it easy to come and view the flat – rent was black and white and no fees meant it was a no brainer.” Peter T, Verified Resident at Fizzy Walthamstow.

Friendly Fizzy Walthamstow Team

Good communication and quick turnaround for repairs are some of the key factors for high quality management scores. Fizzy Living residents love renting at Fizzy Walthamstow and speak positively of the team. This is particularly in regard to their kindness, reliability and personalised service. Some even mention the team popping in to look after their pets whilst they’re away!

“The on-site ‘Bobs’ are highly professional, knowledgeable and always friendly and supportive. Support for any services or repairs needed is excellent.” ADDB, verified resident at Fizzy Walthamstow.

“Renting here is totally fuss free, and excellent support is provided by the staff onsite. They even popped in to feed by cat for one night when I was unexpectedly away 🙂 Abbi, Verified resident at Fizzy Walthamstow.

“The Fizzy team are great – both Jason and Meena will go out of their way to help with any problems that we have and are very quick at responding to emails. Another lovely touch is that they collect any parcels for you and drop them into your flat.” CLee, verified resident at Fizzy Walthamstow.

Resident events

In the HomeViews 2020 National Build to Rent Report, building management is praised for putting on tenant events. Above all to build a sense of community. They are a good way for tenants to get to know their neighbours. Likewise residents are able to build trust and friendships with the staff in the building. Having a positive community atmosphere has been noted frequently by Fizzy Walthamstow tenants. For that reason, Fizzy tenants love renting in Walthamstow.

“Great location and love the overall sense of community that they try and develop – events for Halloween, Pride, Christmas, Summer BBQ – all a great way to connect with your neighbours and other tenants.” Adnan Millwala, verified resident at Fizzy Walthamstow.

“Fizzy has a nice and clean, fresh and welcoming environment. The fizzy staff are always helpful and organise fun events to encourage neighbour interactions.” Charlotte W, verified resident at Fizzy Walthamstow.

HomeViews data proves that renters love the in-house building management provided by Fizzy! Discover more reviews from Fizzy Walthamstow on HomeViews.


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