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Blog 38

Paige and Thomas, Fizzy Lewisham

Paige is the first in our ‘Living Fizzy’ series in which we will be finding out more about some of our residents across all Fizzy sites.


Paige moved into Fizzy Lewisham, along with her partner Thomas, in early August.


Hi Paige, welcome to Fizzy! How did you decide to move into a Fizzy Living apartment?


Thank you! Well, Thomas and I have been looking to move for a while and we came across Fizzy on Rightmove. It was the picture with the dog that made me click on the listing! I got in touch with the team and here we are today.


We had a virtual viewing initially and loved it so much we signed our lease straight away - without even seeing it in person! The fact that bills are capped and internet is included was also a big factor in our decision.


How was the moving in process?


Very smooth and really easy. It was slightly daunting given that we’d only had an online tour of the flat, but when we did move in we knew it was perfect for us.


It really helped having our ‘Bob’, Helen, move us in and it’s really reassuring she’s there whenever we need anything.


What attracted you to Fizzy Lewisham?


I really love the roof terrace at Fizzy Lewisham, and the storage space we have here is also incredible, that was something that really surprised me! I wasn’t expecting to have quite so much space.


Thomas loves golf so the fact that Lewisham is so close to great facilities in both Greenwich and Blackheath is perfect.


How does living at Fizzy compare to previous renting experiences?


Well our previous flat was smaller, had windows that barely opened and was a on a main road so was quite loud! It’s so nice to now have the outdoor space as well as that extra 100 sq.ft.


Have you seen much of the local area?


Moving in in the middle of lockdown meant that we weren’t able to explore as much as we would have liked at first, but we have since popped into Vinothec Social which might be our new favourite local! We got talking to the owners and they gave us a ‘welcome to the neighbourhood’ drink, so I think we can safely say we like what we’ve seen so far.


How easy has it been to get to know your fellow residents?


Again, Covid-19 has meant we’ve been a bit restricted in that respect, but the Fizzy app is a real godsend and we’ve found a great community. The previous tenants in our flat actually moved a few floors up which we only discovered when we had one of their parcels delivered to us by mistake! The fact that they’ve stayed and ‘upgraded’ to a larger flat really shows us that it’s a great place to live.


So you think you’ll stay at Fizzy Lewisham?


Yes, definitely. Thomas likes it so much that we’ve already renewed our lease, so we’ll be here for a few years. We’re looking to get a dog in the next few months and can’t wait to make the most of the lovely restaurants and bars nearby.


We look forward to meeting more of our residents over the coming months.

Each Fizzy building has a range of amenities close by, from delicious restaurants to local gyms and most importantly, enviable transport connections that make getting around London as easy as possible. Learn more about Fizzy here

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