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Living in lockdown – how to stay busy

With the country now several weeks into lockdown, people are understandably beginning to feel bored and dejected. It’s easy to while away the hours bingeing on Netflix, but maintaining a routine and staying busy can alleviate anxiety and keep boredom at bay. From learning a new skill to embracing your creative side, here are some ideas to make the most of this period of downtime.

Whether you haven’t spoken a language since school or are looking to brush up on your existing linguistic skills, it’s the perfect time to learn a language. There are lots of helpful apps available, including Babbel, which has a wealth of learning materials and is suitable for all abilities. With 14 languages to choose from, Babbel engages you in conversation and offers real-time feedback, so that you’ll soon be speaking confidently on a range of topics.

Pick up a paintbrush and get in touch with your inner artist. There are plenty of tutorials for beginners on YouTube and only a few basic paintbrushes are required to get started. Alternatively, put your own spin on your favourite work of art using Paint by Numbers, a kit with everything you need to create your very own masterpiece.

Boost your general knowledge, engage your brain and have fun with online quizzes. Learn all the capital cities in the world or get involved in a virtual pub quiz. Offline, jigsaw puzzles require brain power and critical thinking and kids can get in on the action too, so it’s fun for all the family.

Whilst we are confined to our homes, outdoor exercise is still permitted. If you’re missing the gym, use this time to lace up your trainers, get outside and stay active by going for a run. If you’re a beginner, the NHS couch to 5k is an easy-to-follow 9 week plan that’ll soon have you pounding the pavements. For running enthusiasts, Strava enables you to track and analyse your activity, share progress with friends and map your route, so that you can explore different areas and appreciate your surroundings.

Whilst our daily lives are usually very hectic, we can dedicate this enforced downtime to picking up a hobby or learning a new skill. Advances in technology mean that we have a wealth of online resources at our fingertips, so staying busy and productive has never been so easy.

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