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Living with Fizzy - Amy

In this next instalment in our ‘Living with Fizzy’ series, we talk to Amy who lives with her husband and 4-year-old daughter, Eden, at Fizzy Walthamstow.

Hi Amy, could you tell us what brought you to Fizzy?

We are originally from Durham but during lockdown I was offered a new job as co-founder of a new charity. In order for me to work alongside my co-founder and the wider team, it just made sense for us to relocate so we moved down in the first week of September.

How was it moving during lockdown?

Well finding the Fizzy flat was a life saver! We were selling our house in Durham and moving during lockdown which was super stressful. Our daughter Eden was also due to start school in September so finding somewhere that worked for us as a family, my new job and also near good schools was no easy task! We viewed the flat online and knew it was a dream flat as we wanted somewhere clean and fresh but where we could also make our mark. Finding somewhere we could stay long-term with no risk of the landlord up and selling six months after we had made it our home was also hugely important.


Absolutely! What are the best things about living in a Fizzy apartment?

One of the best things for us is the great location but also the integrated appliances (which, for a young family, are a necessity), the light and bright interiors all add to this feeling of luxury at a price we can afford. We absolutely adore our flat and can't see us living anywhere else anytime soon. 

We’re so pleased to hear that! Seeing as you moved in in such a tricky time, have you found the Fizzy app helpful?

The Fizzy app is great as you can connect with other people living in your block as well as buying and selling items - and grabbing the odd freebie!

How have you found your first couple of months in Walthamstow?

With having our daughter at home basically full-time since March, me trying to work and my husband finishing off his Masters on top of all that, it has been tough, but we’ve certainly been kept busy! One thing we have loved is that since moving here we have not been able to travel around into central London much so we’ve had the opportunity to get to know the area we live in in much more detail than we perhaps would have. We’ve discovered amazing parks and green spaces, cycle routes and walks which we otherwise may not have even noticed were right on our doorstep. It’s been amazing!

What can you tell us about the charity you co-founded?

We founded Animal Ask through the 2020 Charity Entrepreneurship incubation programme and it aims to assist animal advocacy organisations in their efforts to reduce farmed animal suffering. We provide organisations with in-depth research, narrowly targeted at key decisions between different animal asks, supporting organisations, individual activists, policymakers and donors so that they may do more good in the long term.

Fantastic! So, what are the next steps for the charity?

We are launching on 09 November (not long to go!) and have seed funding for 1 year so we really want to make sure we maximise the use of those funds and create as big an impact as possible in this first year, ready for funding rounds in Spring 2021.

How can people support the charity?

You can find all the info about our work and how you can support what we do by visiting our website

Thank you so much for talking to us and welcome to Fizzy!

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