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Meet Tyrra – One of our fabulous Lewisham BOB’s!

Tyrra joined Fizzy back in April 2017, she started working in Fizzy Poplar where she was a BOB for a year and a half. Then once phase 2 of Lewisham arrived she moved over to join Helen as a Lewisham BOB (or property manager if you prefer).

We asked Tyrra a couple of questions and we thought we would share with you so you could get to know her a little better!

What you love about your role

‘Most recently I have been developing my knowledge on the engineering aspect of the role which has included a LOT of getting down and dirty with appliances!’

What makes fizzy unique?

‘100% the fact that we are pet friendly (about 50% of residents here in Lewisham have a dog!) and of course us BOB’s!’

What are your likes and dislikes about the job? 

‘I like that it’s not your typical ‘office job’. I work onsite and am able to deal with things first hand and communicate face to face with my lovely tenants, rather than being stuck behind a desk all day every day. This can also mean I’m really busy most days so it can be hard to knuckle down with admin on busy parcel day! But when working with another person onsite, it’s important to balance our times and share responsibilities for days such as this.'

If you were to live at a fizzy building other than your own, where would you select? 

‘Poplar for sure! The area is quiet after a busy day of work, and has a beautiful green park right in front the building (Bartlett Park) – perfect if you’re a dog owner and can’t be bothered with the 10pm walks ;)’

If you want to wine and dine Tyrra, you need to take her to a seafood restaurant serving any of the following scallops, prawns, sea bass, mussels, with an accompanying Brandy. Then go out to a Neo-Soul night and dance and sing your heart out (Tyrras favourite thing to do), be prepared for a blasting rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Butteries’.

Keep an eye out for the next Fizzy staff features blog where we will be introducing more of our team members and giving you an insight to who is working on the front line and behind the scenes keeping Fizzy ticking! 

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