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Blog 14

Pet Of The Month Is..... Happy!

Meet Happy, the most adorable Labrador, he lives at Fizzy Stepney Green and look at him - he really is a happy boy!

Date of birth: 22 Jun 2009 (10 years old) and he moved in with his parents when he was 40 days old! 

> Fun Fact/funny story about your pet-

First time I left him at my parents' place they gave me a call in the evening and said they were worried because he wouldn't eat. They filled up his bowl on the balcony but he just stared at them and kept following them around with an impatient look on his face. Thing is, he's been thought not to eat until he is *told* to do so. So they issued the command and all was well!

> Favourite treat

Anything he's given really. His morning treat is Dentastix, but he also likes it when I get him one of the Fizzy treats from the lobby on my way back from work.

> What your pet likes about your fizzy flat/building/best walk nearby/fave place to visit–

He loves his neighbours of all sizes and breads, chilling on the balcony all year round!

Overall as a pet owner, I'm really glad to have found a pet friendly building in a convenient place for London life. 

Thank you - Keep your eyes out for the next pet of the month for March! 

March 20, 2020 Tags:

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Blog 17

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