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Pixie! Introducing January's pet of the month

Introducing this cutie – Pixie! She lives with her owner in Fizzy Walthamstow where she is a very familiar face to Team Fizzy as she comes down to visit us most days for her elevenses treat. We sat down with them both to get a little pawsonal blog together. We hope you enjoy the cute accompanying photos :)

‘Pixie is a 4-yr-old schnoodle (poodle & schnauzer mix) and she came all the way from Alabama as a puppy to live with me in New York City. She is a combination of white and apricot colors with an apricot stripe down her back and on her ears too. She is a certified support dog and helps me with my disabilities.

Pixie is really smart like really smart….you can’t pull any pranks on her. She likes to catch things in the air including treats like blueberries, popcorn, edamame, and anything bite size.’

Can you tell us some more about what Pixie Likes and dislikes?

‘Well weirdly,  Pixie is quite obsessed with mango; she will dart across the room if she knows I have taken one out. Also, gingerbread, so you can imagine the holiday season is her favourite time to enjoy this treat. Although she is not allowed to have this, she will do anything for a slice of pizza; she can recognize a pizza box when someone carries one on the street! Ok, she gets the crust sometimes… 

She also loves to destroy her Donald Trump toy too---it's always entertaining and therapeutic at these times....

Pixie is also giant teddy bear…and loves to give full body hugs---it’s the most comforting feeling and she really enjoys it and sometimes falls asleep.’

What your pet likes about your fizzy flat/building/best walk nearby/fave place to visit–

‘She likes the community of dogs and being able to get her treats from the BOBs after each walk. She actually gets mad when the office is closed on the weekends and she can’t get her treat or go to the pet station.

Pixie is adventurous and loves to go on the tube to anywhere. She loves to come with me to work at UCL because she gets lots of attention and she loves going to the park including Lloyd Park. She also enjoys eating out with me at favourite places like Mildred’s and

She also likes to volunteer with me at local charities like The Magpie Project where we work with homeless mothers and children under the age of five. I also do my PhD field work there.

Pixie also enjoys dressing up and her grandma loves to spoil her, which is why she is a fabulous wardrobe… And she takes Halloween very seriously…she was disappointed that Fizzy did not do the costume contest this year because she got into character – but hopefully there is next year! 

Pixie also enjoys converting dog-haters or people afraid of dogs at Fizzy to her side….both children and adults…’

I think you will agree Pixie is a sweetie, and we are definitely looking  forward to her next Halloween outfit.

If you would like to nominate your pet for the blog next time then do send over some photos to

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