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Six simple ways to decorate a flat

So, you proudly have the keys to your new home in your hand; now it’s time to start making that space feel like your own, creating a happy place you can really call yours.

Moving in to a flat or apartment is just the start. The fun really begins when you walk through the door for the first time and start visualising what you can introduce to achieve a sense of self.

If you’re a tenant renting a flat for a certain fixed period of time, you won’t be embarking on any major refurbishment projects. But, there are plenty of easy and affordable ways to decorate a flat and add those all-important personal touches. Our furniture packages are a great way to start, and here are six simple suggestions to add a little bit extra…

Go green add plants It costs relatively little to invest in plants for the home and the benefits are significant. Adding some of the green stuff has genuine health perks; plants release oxygen, help to boost your immune system, and improve your mood and wellbeing. Rubber plant, orchid and peace lily are all suitable house plants to add to a windowsill, or potted and on a wooden hallway floor.

Lighten the mood Subtle, warming lighting creates a cosy, calming atmosphere, especially so during the evening when it’s time to turn off bright ceiling lights. Introduce lamps in every room of your flat, and you’ll soon be bathing in the soothing, comforting glow they provide. Consider what type of lamp suits each room – a tall, standing floor lamp with an oversized shade might be perfect in the lounge, a chunky table lamp in the bedroom. Another option is to switch up the ceiling lights in your flat by replacing bulbs with retro-style or LED filament bulbs.

Picture perfect One of the best ways of putting your personal touch on a flat is, of course, to have plenty of photos of friends and family on display. If you’re not allowed to hammer nails into walls to hang framed photos, worry not – there’s lots more you can do. Arrange two or three photos in flat-bottomed frames on windowsills, side tables, kitchen worktops. Do the same across a bookshelf. Or, print photos onto postcards and use string and clips to decorate mirrors, headboards on beds, wardrobes and shelves.

Mirror image Mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms and bedrooms, and are far more useful than just using for checking your make-up, hair or beard before dashing out of the flat. Mirrors are brilliant for creating the impression of extra space in a room by reflecting light. They make a great focal point, too. Again, if you’re reluctant to hang a mirror on a wall, a great tip is to place a mirror on the floor of a lounge or hallway, and lean it against the wall at a slight angle. This is a great look; go for a super-sized large mirror and the effect is striking. For an extra touch, arrange battery-powered twinkling lights around the frame.

Layer up Transform armchairs, sofas and beds in your flat by adding colourful throws, thick blankets and cushions. Not only will this increase the cosy, snuggly, homely feel of your living spaces, it will create a depth and warmth to your interior. Mix up fabrics, patterns and sizes, and feel free to change things around from time to time. You could also add rugs to hallways and lounges, too.

Create a calming corner Every flat or apartment has a different layout, but try to identify an area in yours that you can use to create a calming corner; that little spot you can use to relax. You won’t need much. A bookcase – slimline if you need it – with your favourite books, mementos, photos; a chair with a comfy cushion, perhaps a low table, to house a large church candle. This could be the place where you start your day with a cup of coffee, or see it out with a glass of wine and some quiet reflection.

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