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Tips for getting better sleep once the clocks go back.

We all know that sleep is one of the pillars of health, along with nutrition and exercise, and crucial to maintaining both physical and mental health and bolstering our immune systems.


According to Kings College London researchers, more than half of the UK population has struggled with sleep during the summer months. As we move into autumn and prepare for the clocks to go back at the end of this month, here are some tips for achieving the recommended 8 hours when the shorter days and longer nights set in.


Get outside

Being outside and exposing yourself to natural light and dark is important both for getting vitamin D and keeping your circadian rhythm in balance. Many Fizzy homes come with a balcony, perfect for a Vitamin D top up, and Fizzy Lewisham also boasts a rooftop terrace so residents can make the most of the natural light without having to leave Fizzy.


Regular exercise

Exercising in the morning will increase your energy levels for the rest of the day, can help alleviate any worry or anxiety and make it easier to fall asleep at night. Victoria Park, a stone’s throw from Fizzy Stepney, is a vast green space perfect for a variety of exercise, and Fizzy Canning Town has great access to Thames-side footpaths for an invigorating stroll.


Take time to relax

Winding down at the end of the day will help you relax before bed and therefore improve your sleep. Something as simple as having a bath, a feature in every Fizzy apartment, playing calming music or taking the time to read a book can make a big difference to stress levels.


Reduce artificial light

Artificial light can trick your body into thinking it’s daylight, so reducing the amount of time you spend on electronic devices before going to sleep will ensure your brain is not overstimulated at a time when it should be doing the opposite.



Changes to routine can affect your internal body clock, controlling when you feel tired and when you feel awake. Setting up a regular sleep schedule, aiming to go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day, will create a routine that facilitates quality sleep.


Each Fizzy building has a range of amenities close by, from delicious restaurants to local gyms and most importantly, enviable transport connections that make getting around London as easy as possible. 

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