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Top interior trends of 2020: The key looks for updating your rental pad!

Fizzy has teamed up with its interior designer Hatch, to round up the top interior trends this year.

If there is any perfect time to redecorate your home, it’s the start of the new year. What’s more, with ‘spring clean’ season coming up, there really is no better way to head into 2020 that with a fresh, newly spruced interior!

But, its not just homeowners who can get creative with their décor. Fizzy living encourages its residents to make each flat their own, and with a flexible decorating policy you can do just that! We've worked with Hatch to bring you the best ‘renter friendly’ interior design trends of 2020 so everyone can give their home a new lease of life this spring with a little help from the experts.

Sustainable homewares

Bamboo, rattan and wicker will continue to feature in more homes throughout 2020 due to their homely look, warm feel, and stand out eco-credentials. Mix these materials with lush green plants and pops of earthy colours for the perfect oriental vibe. Or for the ever popular Scandinavian look, combine simple wicker furniture with calming neutral tones, fluffy throws and pared back clutter for the ultimate Swedish style!

Layering old and new 

Integrate sustainability into your home decor by investing in vintage and antique furniture. Mixing old and new is a great trend continuing into 2020 that will help add depth and personality to your space, and what better place than London to find some beautiful unique pieces?

Curved Edges

Sweeping lines and curved edges will dominate furniture design this year. Inspired by European interior style, curved furniture adds a soft warmth to a space, creating a more relaxed vibe. The trendiest way to incorporate this look into your home is through statement sofas and cabinetry. What’s more, this trend is a practical one too, if you’re a renting family its best to stick to curved edges with little ones around to any dangerous hazards.

Earthy Tones 

Say goodbye to cool tones, because in 2020 we'll be opting for shades of wine, olive green, and yellow ochre. Earthy colours promote a zen-like environment, perfect for creating that relaxing haven for when you return home from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Bright and Fun Wallpaper

The world of interiors has been dominated by minimalist design for what feels like years. That is all about to change as 2020 will be the year of flamboyant design with plenty of pattern and bold colours. Busy wallpapers with a traditional feel are set to be a popular part of home interiors this year!

Fizzy living's decorating policy means our residents have the freedom to create the perfect home they dream of. Our flexible lease terms allow residents to stay renting with us for however long they want, making any investment to their properties worthwhile. For more information about our policies and apartments please visit our website here.


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