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4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Flatmate

At Fizzy, we understand how important it is (and how tricky it can be), to find your perfect flatmate, so we’ve put together some tips to make your search a little easier.

Flat sharing is still growing in popularity throughout London, and the reasons why are plain to see. Far more than just a practical way of reducing costs, a good flatmate helps you shoulder the responsibilities that come with renting, provide some much-needed company and help broaden your social horizons.

Fizzy’s two and three-bedroom apartments are perfectly designed for sharers, featuring spacious double bedrooms, plenty of storage and large open-plan kitchen and living areas. The three-bed flats all come with two bathrooms (one en-suite) and you can choose to rent furnished or unfurnished. However, a perfectly equipped flat doesn’t necessarily guarantee you the quintessential Friends experience, so here’s a short guide for finding the perfect flatmate:

1. Think before you flat-mate!

Many of the burdens that come hand in hand with searching for a flatmate can be avoided by knowing what you’re looking for beforehand. Are you turning to flat sharing as a way of growing your circle of friends; are you new to London and yet to meet anyone? Then you’ll be looking for a sociable flatmate, who shares a few common interests (someone you can go to the pub with on a Friday night, or battle on Xbox). Others might favour a more autonomous experience and prefer someone who generally keeps to themselves. In any case, you need to consider what you’re like as a person and what type of person you’d like to share your home with – best not to rush into new relationships.

Equally, turning to immediate friends seems like a viable option for many of us, but this can run the risk of burdening your friendship with unneeded strain. Remember, the traits that make someone a fabulous friend might not always make them an ideal flatmate!

Spare Room hosts regular speed flat-mating socials for people looking for someone to share a place with. The events are a terrific way to meet lots of people at the same time, specific to the area you want to live in and on a similar budget (you wear a badge with your name and budget on your shirt). There are options for those looking for a room, looking to fill a room, or looking for a buddy to flat-hunt with; so whatever your circumstance, you’re covered. Fizzy’s flats that need filling with sharers can be found on Spare Room here! 

2. Talk openly about budget and finances

Sadly, the biggest cause of contentions between flatmates is often money matters, which makes transparency about costs from the outset all the more important. Before moving in together, you and your prospective flatmate should speak frankly about all expenses, the portion you’ll be expected to pay, and the estimated monthly amounts.

We think apps like Splitwise and Acasa are a fantastic way to keep everything clear when it comes to shared expenses. No more arguments over who’s turn it is to buy the essentials!

Fizzy is not an agent so we don’t charge any fees. To reserve a Fizzy flat you pay as a little as £150 that is refunded once you move in. What's more, tenant referencing costs are only £26.80 per person. 

3. Make sure your lifestyles are compatible

What this involves will vary from person to person, however, getting to know what to expect from a potential flatmate’s work schedule, noise levels and lifestyle can help alleviate any tensions that may arise further down the road. This may involve discussing personal topics, like:

  • What they do for a living and on what hours
  • Their expectations of you as a flatmate
  • Whether they often go out or prefer to stay at home
  • How he or she feels about sharing household items
  • How loudly they like to play music or watch TV
  • How often they like to have friends over

It can be helpful to have similar lifestyles among a flat share; if work demands that you to go to bed and wake up early, you might prefer to share your flat with someone on a similar rota so that you’re not continuously disturbing each other. Alternatively, those looking for more privacy may want to rent with someone who has a slightly different routine that allows them to have the apartment to themselves sometimes.

4. Cleaning up your act: get clear on hygiene

Although a little clinical(!) this is a hot topic for flatmates. People have varying expectations when it comes to hygiene, and while there is no definitive standard of cleanliness, an honest self-evaluation of your own tidiness can make it easier to find someone with similar standards. Sharers with a more laid-back approach to cleaning would likely struggle to coexist with a someone who likes to keep their apartment spotless, and vice versa.

The main thing is, talking about it definitely helps, as does finding a compromise where you agree to split the chores and take responsibility for your own washing up, for example. If all else fails, it may be necessary to pay for a cleaner on a regular basis and split the costs.

Did we mention Fizzy offers a free annual spring clean and maintenance check on all your fixtures and fittings? Find out more about Fizzy perks here.

If you’re looking to share a stylish London apartment in a safe and secure building, get in touch with our team to arrange a viewing.

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