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6 Ways to keep busy in lockdown

We've seen and heard it all before within the last year, but a little reminder of what can help keep you sane and boost your mood at this time of year (and particularly during lockdown) goes a very long way.
1. Hit the play button and listen to your favourite playlist. Stuck for things to listen to or looking for inspiration? Try this Mood Boosting playlist on Spotify.

2. Try cooking/baking a new recipe. Baking or cooking something you have never made before will create a great sense of satisfaction whilst also increasing your repertoire of recipes.   

3. Read a book. Give yourself a break from a screen and get your hands on a good ol' fashioned book. There's nothing like the weight of a book in your hands and turning the pages. Looking for recommendations? Hereare the top reads of 2020  or if you fancy getting stuck into a classic but unsure of which one, have a look here.

4.Get your daily exercise in  🏃🏃‍♀️- rain of shine, we'd recommend getting outside. Leave your home and stretch your legs. The cold air can always be a bit of shock to the system but wrap up (not too much), and get moving. You'll feel refreshed, and won't regret it. Take some time to learn how to run your first 5k from The Wired Runner.

5. Donate to a good cause, old clothes, devices or some money to your chosen charity. Whilst being told to stay home, many might feel helpless to the situation we find ourselves in. Donating might help someone else in a tougher situation than you. 

6. Phone a friend - time spent in front of the screen on virtual calls can be draining, then catching up on Whatsapp messages in the evening can feel like admin. Picking up the phone to catch up with a friend can increase a sense of connection. Researchers at Yale University found that our emotional intelligence is more acute when someone's voice is the only cue, and our attention to subtle differences in vocal tones increases. They allow for a sense of immediacy and intimacy.

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