With the festive season approaching, we are reminded of the importance of getting to know our neighbours and embracing the community we live in. In a post-lockdown world, the consequences of staying indoors have said to negatively affect collective social wellbeing across demographics. The Office for National Statistics found that 38.6% of people aged between 16 and 74 reported loneliness as the primary reason for their poor well-being during the pandemic. That is why it is beneficial to have events that foster meaningful social connections where people have the chance to come together and celebrate.

Fizzy Living intends to help residents get to know each other through positive shared experiences. Our property managers, BOBs help to organise events in collaboration with our residents. Through the app, residents also have the chance to chat with one another, plan their own get togethers and strengthen the Fizzy community.

We regularly put on events for residents in our communal areas including our Halloween fancy dress party at the weekend for pets and their humans, Christmas jumper days, wine and cheese evenings, quiz nights and more. Of course, all events are pet-friendly so our residents are encouraged to bring along their pets too! We will continue to have get-togethers over the coming months, as we believe building a community and creating opportunities that bring people closer in fun and memorable ways, is great for our residents’ well-being.

Our next event is a Doga event that we are holding for residents and their dogs at Fizzy East16, on Wednesday 17 November. Doga really does give new meaning to the phrase ‘downward dog!’ Doga instructor, Mahny Djahanguiri, will be showing residents how to relax and wind down with their dogs in a stress-free environment to combine yoga with their furry friends. Mahny is the founder and author of ‘DOGA- Yoga for you and your Dog,’ she has appeared across many TV shows including ‘Made in Chelsea’ with her own dog, Robbie. This event gives our residents the opportunity to get fit, meet their neighbours and let their dogs socialise too.

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