At Fizzy Living, we value connectivity. As the world is becoming increasingly virtual, we understand the importance of staying connected to work colleagues, friends and family. That’s why at Fizzy Living, we prioritise providing high-speed secure internet connection across all buildings with WiredScore, the digital connectivity rating scheme for the build-to-rent market. In fact, Fizzy Living, was one of the first company’s in the UK to achieve a WiredScore Home rating across its entire portfolio, proving that we recognise the importance of a quality digital infrastructure and how that helps our residents.


Resident, Liam Wallis, a 34 year old software technology engineer, shared his experience with a journalist at the Evening Standard, explaining how being connected was top of his priority list. Given his occupation, it was highly crucial he was able to use quality pre-installed broadband as soon as he moved in. In the interview, Liam explains how having broadband pre-installed alleviated the stress of setting up internet connection when he first moved into the flat during the pandemic. He also shared how difficult it was to find a property that had high-speed broadband as part of the package and was extremely impressed by the deal he got with Fizzy Living. 


Liam comments: “it’s great to be able to join a video call and not lose your connection when someone in the flat next to you tries to do the same thing, or when my girlfriend needs to go online for teaching.”


The average download speed for connectivity across London is 66.7Mbps. However, at Fizzy Living, residents are able to connect at 100Mbps as standard, with the option to upgrade if need be. In context of the pandemic and its effects, the home has also become the workplace and a hub for socialising. With most homes requiring connectivity on multiple devices, low speed internet poses as a huge inconvenience. 


Beyond the great internet connection in each apartment at Fizzy Living, it also extends to private terraces and communal spaces such as roof terraces and lounges. With the majority of Fizzy’s residents now working from home, they will be able to make use of this to work outside as we move into spring and summer. 


Living in London comes with its own set of challenges but at Fizzy Living, connectivity isn’t one of them. Binge watching your favorite Netflix shows or calling friends and family will never be an issue again. 

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