There’s no doubt that Canning Town is a hub of social activity, culture and business. From exploring history to water sport and live gigs, there is always a different activity to pursue around the corner.

Here are a few local favourite things to do in Canning Town, to make your Fizzy East16 life extra special.

  1. Explore its history

For the culturally-minded why not explore the Museum of London Docklands, a historic warehouse that has been converted into a museum telling the tales of London going as far back as the Roman conquest. From interactive galleries to a recreation of a 19th century riverside and exhibitions of the slave trade, this museum is one to see with friends and family. Its latest exhibition, Port of London traces 200 years of extraordinary experiences on the river.

  1. Make music and dance!

Home to music and creative spaces, Fold is a new institution for the arts in the heart of Canning Town. It is a venue for live music, dance nights and creative studios with a 500 capacity state-of-the-art performance space. Offering the chance to see many live bands and DJ sets with varying genres and inspired local artists it’s a vibrant scene and a place to enjoy live music again, especially after the lockdowns.

  1. Get fit and box!

While we have our own space for fitness at East16, a short walk away offers you the chance to train with the best! The Peacock Gym is considered one of London’s best loved community gyms famous for its champion boxers like Frank Bruno and Lennox Lewis. As well as circuit training there’s a multitude of boxing classes across three boxing rings and a choice of martial arts.

  1. Hit the River Thames

For water sport fans there’s a great place down the road to catch beach vibes. WakeUp Docklands offers waterboarding and paddle boarding lessons. It’s the only cable wakeboard park within London offering water based activities and the place to learn some river tricks in an inner city environment. Wetsuits and boards are available to hire for beginners, and for the seasoned pro you can even try hydrofoiling.

  1. Perfect your culinary skills

For food lovers there’s something a little fishy and different! The Seafood School of Billingsgate offers some very hands on food prepping courses. For our early birds, you can tour the market with an expert, learning about all the different species on offer and buy some seafood to work with. You then get the chance to sample a fish breakfast by the kitchen chef team before putting your apron on to learn how to prepare your meal. So you’re ready for when friends join you back in the Fizzy apartment for that dinner party!

  1. Get your thinking caps on!

For our brainier residents why not get a group of friends together to try out Access Escape Rooms. Solve the puzzles in complete darkness, using only your senses to get around. Note - strong communication and lots of trust is needed!

  1. Get balcony inspiration

For some green-fingered inspiration head to Crossrail Place Roof Garden. The undercover garden evokes a ship laden with unusual and exotic plants from across the globe. You can take a walk around the landscaped walkways or sit and relax in the urban jungle while having lunch at a pop-up food palace.

  1. Take an artistic stroll

Take a different walk around the area and East of the City with the Alternative London Street Art Walking Tour. You will be able to explore culture, community and street art led by artists and local experts. The tour covers huge murals to tiny hidden sculptures you probably would not find alone, from a mixture of local and world renowned artists. You can also take part in a creative Street Art workshop after your stroll.

Then when you get home from your bustling and active day, you can unwind with your friends on the terrace of Fizzy East16 to plan your next best thing to do!

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