We as a nation love our pets. However, according to research by Dogs Trust, 78% of tenants have trouble finding a rental property that will accept their furry friends. Fizzy Living understands the heartbreak of not being able to take our pets with us when we move - which is why they have created 7 London based pet-friendly communities including Fizzy Poplar and why Time Out London named Fizzy as London’s most pet friendly landlord!

Being a landlord who allows (who even enjoys) allowing pets makes an enormous difference to rental residents, our review data has revealed. In fact, pet-friendliness has the single largest impact on Facilities and Star Rating, increasing the scores by 14.68%, and 11.56% respectively.

"The location is perfect and with a young dog, the park across the road is amazing. The pet treats in the foyer are a brilliant touch and our dog loves them."

Jess, Private Tenant Review - March 2019

"Our dog, Lara has made a lot of new furry friends and enjoys coming back to the reception for a treat from one of the jars for the four legged residents."

Kat, Chris & Lara, Private Tenant Review - February 2020

Another thing that is important for residents is a sense of community, with 12% of renters mentioning this in their HomeViews review. Of this percentage, 22% attributed the community spirit in their building to their developer allowing pets. Fizzy Poplar seems to have both bases covered - it doesn’t just allow animals, but creates a close-knit community of renters bonded by a love of their pets.

Unfortunately, renters have also reported that getting a pet-friendly rental often means compromising on services and facilities. Again, Fizzy Living has set out to break this mold. It offers rentals with good-quality accommodation, commutable locations, and a management service that makes life simple, not to mention features such as a dedicated on-site property manager, free broadband, and an on-site dry cleaning service.

"It has been a warm and welcoming experience moving to a Fizzy development as not only were my pets accepted but myself also. We received a cute little welcome pack of bare essentials that were desperately needed from day dot. It’s the little things like this that make this place feel like a home."

Verified Resident, Simone, Private Tenant Review - July 2021

"The flats themselves are fantastic, and they are pet friendly which is ideal for me and my cat!"

Verified Resident, D Sparks, Private Tenant Review - March 2021

HomeViews data proves that renters love living in developments where their pets are welcomed. Fizzy Poplar’s reviews are proof that furry friends can rent happy with industry-topping accommodation!

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