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Fizzy’s Favourite Films

February usually sees Hollywood celebrate The Oscars, so although the awards ceremony has been postponed this year due to Covid-19, we thought we'd mark the occasion by finding out some of Fizzy's Film Favourites.


We asked the Fizzy team what their favourite films are and why, and, whilst we may not be able to go to the cinema just yet, we hope that their recommendations might provide some inspiration for a cosy movie night in this month.


Rosie Price – Lettings administrator

Hot Fuzz

Guns, pubs & Peace lilies. Need I say more?


Jason – Fizzy Walthamstow Bob

Stand By Me

It's funny, emotional and the acting is brilliant. A classic I literally never get bored of watching.


Helen – Fizzy Lewisham Bob

Pretty Woman

If ever I have the sniffles or am feeling a bit sorry for myself, this is always my go to film! Cheesy I know but it never fails to deliver.


Jeanine – Fizzy Poplar Bob


I love this film because it makes your mind work. Even the little details can be a huge clue when the film reaches its conclusion. You have to pay close attention throughout.


Teresa – Fizzy Epsom BOB

Dusk to Dawn

I absolutely love Quentin Tarantino films and the story line is completely different to all other vampire movies. 


Georgie – Digital Marketing

Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks is just amazing in this! The film is iconic and takes you on a real emotional journey, it always makes me laugh and cry and go for a run - I also come away craving shrimp. And chocolate.


Dan – Fizzy East16 (coming soon!) Bob

The Departed

I love anything set in Boston or with Leonardo DiCaprio or Mark Whalberg in!


Meena – Fizzy Walthamstow Bob

The Bodyguard

It’s just so romantic.


Tyrra – Fizzy Lewisham Bob

Man on Fire

Growing up I studied 'Expressive Arts' which involved not only being in front of the camera, but also behind it and then creating it in the studio. In doing this, I was able to decide exactly how I wanted my film to end up, and this action movie is everything! A true inspiration to me – from the choice of actors, story line, dialogue and location to the visual & sounds effects, language and  subtitle fonts and position on screen.. the list goes on!


Fizzy Stepney Bob

Nobody, Goodfellas, The Departed, Inception, Memento and lots more..

I have a quite a few favourite movies! I usually prefer movies with some sort of mystery element where you don’t know what is going to happen next.


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