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Living with Fizzy: Elaine & Jodi at Fizzy Lewisham

We spoke with friends of almost 10 years, Elaine and Jodi, who moved in together, along with Jodi’s cat, Babushka, at Fizzy Lewisham in October 2020.

Is this the first time you have lived together?

Elaine: It’s actually not, no. We both moved to Oman as teachers in 2011 and randomly got placed together. We lived together for two years before I relocated to Dubai. Returning to Oman in 2017, I stayed in an apartment next door to Jodi and Babushka for another year.

That obviously turned out really well for you both, so what has led to you deciding to live together again now?

Elaine: I had actually been intending to settle back home in Ireland, but with the pandemic and me looking to change careers, I just thought that the opportunities available in London would be much greater. My decision to move here coincided with Jodi returning from Oman so the timing was perfect and here we are!

Jodi: I had always known that I wanted to end up in London eventually, so when I moved back from Oman it was really the only place I could see myself being. We’ve obviously stayed good friends and know we enjoy living together so it was a bit of a no-brainer!

What attracted you to Fizzy Lewisham?

Jodi: I’ve got a few friends already living in the area so when it came to deciding where I wanted to live in London, it just made sense for it to be in this neighbourhood. I wanted somewhere that was modern and new and I also have my cat, Babushka, so I needed to find somewhere pet-friendly. When I was searching, Fizzy just fit the bill.

Elaine: You just can’t beat the transport connections here either, it’s great.

How was the moving in process?

Jodi: It was as easy as it could have been considering the restrictions we were subject to at the time. After my initial enquiry, the team found the ideal flat for us and, although I couldn’t see the exact flat we would move in to because it was still occupied, I saw an identical one and loved it.

Elaine: I had seen the floorplan and a virtual tour of the flat, but this is the first place I’ve moved into that I hadn’t seen in person. Luckily I trusted Jodi completely to make the decision and I’m very happy with her choice.

What is your favourite thing to do in the local area/place to visit?

Elaine: Well, moving in at the end of last year has meant that we’ve been quite limited in what we can do and where we can explore, but there’s definitely a lot going on here. We’re definitely happy with our decision to choose Lewisham.

How have you settled into Fizzy Lewisham so far?

Elaine: We both agree that we have felt so at home so quickly after moving in, unlike anywhere we’ve lived in before. We love the app and are looking forward to when the community at Fizzy can meet in person.

Jodi: We also love that recycling is highly encouraged and residents all partake in a ‘pass it forward’ scheme where items are left in the lobby to find a new home. The roof terrace is definitely a great perk for sunsets and workouts too!

Have you managed to make the flat your own, yet?

Elaine: We were very lucky that the furniture in the apartment was new and to our taste, and we’ve complimented the pastels with rose gold appliances. As an ode to our Middle Eastern adventures, we have placed two canvases with colourful camels inside our entrance. Jodi was quick to install several bookshelves for her ever-expanding book collection. Of course, we had the pink tool box on hand to help in the construction of many an IKEA flat pack!

Thank you both – great to speak to you and we hope you’ll be very happy here at Fizzy!

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