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Living with Fizzy: Grace at Fizzy Epsom

This month we are talking to Fizzy Epsom resident, Grace. She took the time to tell us about life at Fizzy’s Surrey location and how she’s kept busy through lockdown.


What made you choose Fizzy Epsom and how long have you lived here?


My partner and I really wanted to get a cat but found it impossible to find somewhere to rent that would allow pets - until we found Fizzy Epsom! We knew this was the place for us so we were constantly checking the website until a flat became available for us. We loved how modern the place was and of course how close we are to the station! We have been living here almost a year now.


What are the best things about living in a Fizzy Living apartment?


Of course, having our cat is the best thing, but aside from that, the flats are so modern and spacious with a lovely balcony. There’s also the amazing roof top terrace for those sunny days! Everything is easy and simple with Fizzy.


What are your top recommendations for people to do in Epsom?


There are great walks nearby which is all we did during lockdown, but I also love the cinema here, the Odeon Luxe. Once the restrictions lift I will definitely be a regular there as I try to go quite a few times a month. There are also amazing bars, restaurants and shops nearby with food markets often going on too. Epsom is a great place to live!


Now we are able to eat at restaurants again, where are you most looking forward to booking a table?


Well I could lie and say somewhere a bit nicer like Bill’s or Cabello Lounge, but to be honest I just love Pizza Express! My go to bar is definitely Be At One - get me a lychee martini!


How have you kept yourself occupied during the various lockdowns?


I actually set up an adults-only cheerleading programme with two friends over lockdown, so that’s really kept me busy. We’d been thinking about it for a while, so we finally bit the bullet and created London Dynasty Cheer! Finding ways to socialise has never been more important than in times like these, and cheer really is a great way to meet new people and get some exercise. 


Sounds great - how’s it going?  

It’s going far better than we had hoped and we’ve been amazed at the interest we’ve received. We initially set a target of having one team and were looking to recruit around 20 people for it but have ended up having over 80 athletes sign up and have created three teams! We’ve just started turning a small profit and are keen to expand the business over time. 


Wow, that’s a real achievement! So you’ve had to do all the planning, etc. online?


Mainly we’ve had to rely on doing things online, yes, but when we have been able to meet in person living at Fizzy Epsom has been perfect. We've been able to hold staff meetings on the roof terrace and it’s also given us enough space to come up with workouts and routine choreography, so we’ve been very lucky to have that.


How long have you been cheerleading, and can you tell us a bit about what being part of a team involves?


I have been doing cheer for 13 years! A common misconception is that we wave around pom poms and support another sporting team - this isn’t the case at all. We are our own team and go to specific cheerleading competitions! Routines comprise of stunting (the lifting people in the air part) gymnastics, dance and jumps, so it is a very intense sport! On my team, London Dynasty Cheer, we have 2 teams who compete and 1 team who are mainly for beginners or people who cannot commit every week to training due to work or other commitments, so we really have something for all levels!


I have made some of my best friends through cheer and I know lots of people on our team have moved to London from all over the country and found it a great way to make new friends.


So how is it running a business with your friends?

There are some downsides, of course, but we’re really enjoying it so far! Knowing that you are all equally passionate about the business and its success, and then celebrating when it reaches a milestone, is really nice.


Building up your own community and helping others make strong friendships has been a real highlight for us. We were all part of the same university cheer club and this continuation of the ‘family’ line that we have created is actually where the name 'Dynasty' comes from.


How can we find out more about London Dynasty Cheer?

You can visit our website and we’re also on Instagram (@londondynastycheer). Everyone is more than welcome to join us, and we offer a welcome taster session at any point in the year so get in touch to find out more!


Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and we look forward to seeing London Dynasty Cheer go from strength to strength.




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