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Living with Fizzy - Sophie Reads Everything

This month we spoke to Sophie, she, her partner John and their cat Gwen have lived with us in Fizzy Stepney Green for two years. She is an avid reader and we thought this was a great opportunity to introduce you to her blog and get some great book recommendations - so we hand over to Sophie!

Hi, I am Sophie and I’m an avid reader and really enjoy posting my views on my Instagram book blog @sophiereadseverything, so when the team at Fizzy asked me to write a blog post for my fellow residents, I jumped at the chance!

As we’re now well into a third lockdown in the UK, there’s never been a better time to curl up with a good book! So I thought I’d share my recommendations for the newest book releases in 2021.

People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd (Fiction)

She has an easy life, but makes a living pretending otherwise.

She has a million followers who love her, but one who wants to see her suffer...

A thrilling debut about the dark side of influencer culture, People Like Her asks the question ‘what might you stand to lose if you don’t know who’s watching?’

If you, like me, have been glued to social media the past year, then this will make you stop and think about your screen habits!

A razor sharp, addictive and suspenseful novel, you’ll find it hard to put this down.

Luster by Raven Leilani (Fiction)

Edie is just trying to survive. She’s messing up in her dead-end job in an all-white office and has failed at the only thing that has ever mattered to her - painting.

Edie struggles with all aspects of everyday modern life - dead end hook ups, racial politics and crushed ambitions. Until an unorthodox relationship causes her to question everything she thought she knew about the world.

There is a lot of buzz about this book at the moment and rightly so, it’s a sharp page turner with emotional depth. As funny as it is powerful, this is a book about what it means to be young now.

The Stranger Times by CK McDonnell (Fiction)

There are dark forces at work in the world (and in Manchester in particular).

The Stranger Times is a weekly newspaper dedicated to the weird and the wonderful, it is the go-to paper for the extraordinary and the unexplained.

But when tragedy strikes and the team investigates, what they discover leads them to a shocking realisation: some of the stories they’d previously dismissed as nonsense are in fact, terrifyingly real!

A novel which blurs the lines between mystery, horror and comedy, this is a must read for any Terry Pratchett fans (or for anyone who is looking for something a bit different)!


The Unusual Suspect by Ben Machell (Non-fiction)

The gripping true story of a British geography student obsessed with Robin Hood who almost got away with bank robbery.

21-year-old Stephen Jackley, dismayed by the world’s financial inequality, takes matters into his own hands, planning elaborate heists and distributing the spoils among the homeless community.

An unbelievable story about a boy desperately attempting to change the world.

A must read for anyone obsessed with true crime, thrillers, or Robin Hood!

Hungry by Grace Dent (Autobiography)

Grace Dent, journalist, writer and food critic for The Guardian has always loved food.

Her funny and poignant memoir, Hungry, focuses on her childhood in the north of England, and how this time shaped her relationship with food.

Choc-a-block full of references to the British food landscape from the 1970’s to the present day, this is a great book for anyone who misses eating out, or is just feeling a bit nostalgic about being a kid!

I hope you’ve found these recommendations helpful, I’ve tried to cover all bases and tastes with my picks. But if you want any more recommendations head over to my instagram profile for more reviews or drop me a message @sophiereadseverything

If you are a resident and would like to be featured in the next Living with Fizzy series then please do get in touch

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