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Living with Fizzy: Veronica and Mariana at Fizzy Stepney Green

 This February 14th, we’re celebrating the friendships that exist at Fizzy Living in a special ‘Palentine’s Day’ instalment of our ‘Living with Fizzy’ series.

Veronica and Mariana live at Fizzy Stepney Green, having moved in together at the beginning of 2020. We caught up with them to find out how they met, about life in East London and the unlikely coincidence that sealed their friendship.

How do you know each other?

Veronica: We both joined the same K-Pop dance class in 2017 and got to know each other through that

Mariana: We discovered that we both have the same birthday, which is really fun, so we knew we were going to be friends!

How did you end up living together?

Veronica: I was already living in a two-bed flat at Fizzy Stepney Green and when I found out that Mariana was looking for a new place to live I suggested she move in with me

Mariana: Yeah it worked out really well!

So Veronica, you already lived at Fizzy Stepney?

Yes, I’ve lived here since 2019. I work just down the road so have the perfect commute; I can walk there in 5 minutes. Honestly, that was the most important thing for me, so I was so pleased to come across Fizzy when I was looking for a place.

What are the things you really like about living at Fizzy?

Mariana: We don’t have any of our own pets, but I love that there are dogs around – it makes me really happy!

Veronica: We also really like the fact that there are so many initiatives and activities to get involved in. We’ve just done an online fitness class that was organised by Fizzy and there was also a cookery class a little while ago.

Mariana: Our Bob, Laura, is also great – she always gets back to us really quickly and is so useful.

Do you both make use of the Fizzy App as well?

 Veronica: Apart from using it to book Fizzy’s classes or activities, we aren’t that active on it, but it is great for connecting with the other residents.

Mariana: Yes, we often see people asking if anyone has something specific that they could borrow and also offering things that they don’t need anymore, so we know that we could definitely make use of that if we ever needed to. 

What is your favourite thing to do in the local area/place to visit?

Veronica: We have so many parks near us which is great, especially over the past year! Mile End Park is so close and there’s also Victoria Park not too far away.

Mariana: There are also loads of independent shops in the area, especially on Roman Road, which is only a short walk away, and so many little cafés and great restaurants, too. We’re definitely looking froward to being able to make use of them again!

It sounds like you are really enjoying living at Fizzy Stepney Green!

Veronica: Definitely. We both really like the area and Fizzy. We don’t have any plans to move anywhere else.

Mariana: We’ve actually just renewed our lease! Hopefully we’ll be able to get out and about a bit more again soon as well. 

We hope so too! Finally, can you tell us a bit more about K-pop dancing for those that might be interested in taking up a new hobby?

Mariana: I have always enjoyed dancing and after moving to London I was looking for dance classes. Since I also like K-Pop, I thought it would be a good way of meeting new people as well as doing something I love!

Veronica: Much the same for me. I was looking for a new hobby when I moved to London and, since I liked K-Pop, I looked up classes and DGC Dance ( was the first one that popped up. It’s the longest I’ve stuck with a hobby, which is mainly due to the great dance community I’ve found there. Classes have now been moved online but we are still going strong!

Thank you both!

 To give you a taste of K-Pop dancing, Veronica and Mariana have kindly shared this fantastic video of a dance they performed with their group:


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