Fizzy have achieved WiredScore Silver and Gold ratings across the majority of our locations! 

Of our 7 locations, Hayes, Walthamstow, Canning Town and Epsom have been certified with a silver rating, and the newest Fizzy on the block launching in May has achieved a gold rating (which is one of the very first residential buildings in the UK to achieve this). 

Launched in May 2019, WiredScore Home is the digital connectivity rating scheme for residential buildings in the UK. 

Harry Downes, Fizzy's MD said "We know the importance of an excellent internet connection, which is why we include high-speed internet in the rent as standard for our residents. it is a non-negotiable for our residents so it's a non-negotiable for us."

"We are committed to providing a best-in-class renter experience so we're proud to have been recognized in this way by WiredScore."

Tom McClellan, country director for UK and Ireland at WiredScore, said: "Achieving a WiredScore rating across a whole portfolio showcases Fizzy Living's commitment to providing their residents with flexable and reliable digital infrastructure. 

Connectivity has never been more important and undertaking this commitment demonstrated the forward-thinking approach that Fizzy Living has taken to provide its residents with exceptional digital connectivity." 

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Mar 25, 2021 Tags: Partners News