Hundreds of Fizzy Living residents across each of our developments have been sharing their insights on what it is like to live there on HomeViews.  Thank you to each resident that has taken the time to write a review and share what it's truly like to live at a Fizzy development. This month, HomeViews have dived deeper into the Fizzy Hayes reviews and have looked into what residents are saying about our Fizzy perks as well as, the amenities on offer.

1. Rooftop Terrace and Podium Gardens

One of the top mentioned amenities on offer at Fizzy Hayes is the rooftop terrace and podium gardens that have offered residents respite at many points during this tumultuous year. Residents have been impressed by the views, design and also furniture in these outdoor spaces; and have expressed gratitude and appreciation for the continuous maintenance of them.

"Facilities are excellent, particularly the rooftop gardens and entrance foyers. Friends and family always very impressed when they visit." Calum, Verified resident on HomeViews

"In addition to that there is roof top as well as first floor garden with lots of space and great views." Waqas Saleem, Verified resident on HomeViews

 "The rooftop garden is the most stunning feature of the building with amazing views and nice garden furniture" Shannon, Verified resident on HomeViews

2. Pet Friendly

Fizzy is very proud to be a pet friendly landlord and this has proved to be a key factor for many residents when choosing to live at Fizzy Hayes. In fact, almost 30% of resident reviews of Fizzy Hayes on HomeViews have mentioned how much they love the pet friendly policy! At Fizzy Hayes, pets are not just allowed, they are encouraged, with a dedicated pet-friendly reception, as well as pet station with treats for all of your furry friends.

"Fantastic pet friendly home." Loki and Fifi, Verified resident on HomeViews

"Also, dog friendly which is a huge plus, it was really hard to find somewhere to rent that would allow pets and this is a chief reason why we chose fizzy." Josh Bean, Verified resident on HomeViews

"The number of pets makes it feel like the secret life of pets movie at times." Ciapel, Verified resident on HomeViews

3. Furniture Packages

When moving into a Fizzy apartment, you are given the choice of whether you would like your flat furnished or not. At Fizzy Hayes, there is a selection of contemporary, stylish and good quality furniture packages to fully kit out your new home. This package includes a double or king-size bed in each bedroom, 2 bedside tables, a chest of drawers, a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table, a dining table and dining chairs. Fizzy Hayes has a Design Score of 4.64 out of 5 from over 129 resident reviews on HomeViews, with many reviews referencing the quality and style of these furnished flats.

"We took our flat furnished and the quality of the furniture is excellent." Teresa M, Verified resident on HomeViews

"All of the flats come furnished to such a high standard with spacious balconies" Alecia K, Verified resident on HomeViews

4. Your "BOB" or concierge

All of our Fizzy Living buildings have a “BOB”.  This is an on-site dedicated property manager to make sure residents enjoy a hassle-free tenancy. They are the face of Fizzy. Their responsibilities include sorting out repairs and maintenance, collecting and delivering residents’ parcels, as well as organising any resident events. In addition to this, a "BOB" helps residents move in and out and responds to any resident enquiries. Fizzy Hayes has a Management Score of 4.58 out of 5 from over 129 resident reviews on HomeViews.

"Every Fizzy BOB has been amazing. They're genuinely caring and considerate to their tenants and they also excel in making us feel genuinely welcome here" David S, Verified resident on HomeViews

"The BOBs are always very helpful and are keen on keeping Fizzy a great place to live." Harj, Verified resident on HomeViews

"We also have the property managers or ‘BOBs’ who are on hand whenever you need them. If you have any problems within your flat, you can log in on an app and it will be seen to straight away!" Jordan and Carlie, Verified resident on HomeViews

5. Free ultrafast fibre optic broadband

Free WiFi is provided across all of our buildings! Residents are given 30MB ultrafast fibre optic broadband not only in their flat, but throughout the building, so you can chill on the rooftop terrace and still be connected. There is also the option to upgrade to even faster speeds should you wish. This perk is often mentioned in our reviews by appreciative residents.

"The building itself is brand new and also full of great services like optical super-fast broadband." Steven J, Verified resident on HomeViews

"There’s a communal garden that’s very peaceful and a lovely outdoor lounge area that has WiFi." Dariah, Verified resident on HomeViews

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